Bikini Zone Trimmer Quick Trimmer Hygienic

by Yafit Atiya on August 12, 2017

Bikini Zone Trimmer Quick Easy Hygienic Wet & Dry Use Long Lifespan 100% Safe Compact Portable

What if your friends suddenly decide to hit the pool on a warm summer day? Lack of proper grooming could put you in an awkward situation and spoil the fun. Use this lady bikini groomer tool that is perfectly suited for last minute hair removal and daily maintenance.
Thorough Trimming
Removing unwanted hair from the bikini area is tricky and needs to be done with great precision. However, this trimmer gives instant results, even in places that are sensitive, so you can put on that bikini with confidence and have a gala time!
Easy to Use
Attach the trimming head by inserting into top of the device and twisting clockwise until it clicks. It comes with various attachments so you can trim conveniently without the least bit of discomfort.
Protective Cap
To ensure you can enjoy the bikini groomer for a long time, a protective cap is included with the kit. Just put it on after use and the tool stays in mint condition without getting chipped off or damaged.
Mini Shaving Head
An additional mini shaving head is included for gentle, pain-free removal of stubborn hair (extremely small lengths) from bare skin. For a smoother finish, simply pop on this optional shaver head and glide away any hair, for the silkiest of results.
Prevent Irritation
Women often feel sharp stings or an irritating sensation during/after hair removal from their bikini zone. But this trimmer has an exfoliating brush that prevents irritation as well as in-grown hairs.
Use the features and attachments, so you can customize your trim to get desired results.

Precise Trim – This gadget offers an all-round solution for your bikini zone, regardless of whether you want a neat even trim or silky smooth removal. Integrated trimmer head trims and shapes it to a certain length; while an extra trimmer lets you shave even further.
Hygienic – The bikini groomer and its attachments are easy to clean and fully washable, so you can be 100% sure about hygiene.
Portable – The tool is lightweight and compact, which makes it convenient to carry in a travel case, backpack, or purse when you travel. 
Safe – Using a razor on your bikini area is a huge risk and can lead to fatal injuries. The skin in that area is very delicate so you need to be careful. This device is quick but gentle and doesn’t nick or graze the sensitive skin in that region. 
Dual Use – The trimmer is meant for both wet and dry use, so you can use it in and out of the shower. It has an ergonomic design and provides a firm grip, so there is no chance of it slipping.