Professional Haircut Beard Trimmer Grooming & Styling Kit

by Yafit Atiya on August 26, 2017

Professional Haircut Beard Trimmer Grooming & Styling Kit Handy Lightweight Easy Sterilization Excellent Results 

Don’t want to go to a salon every time you need to take care of those unruly strands of hair? Is shaving a tedious chore for you each morning? This beard grooming and styling kit will take care of those problems in a jiffy!

Fast Recharge

The tool can be conveniently charged when you are at work, and reaches full power in just 5 hours. With a 7000 RPM engine, it ensures the cut and trim is strong and accurate.


Featuring a sleek structure, the trimmer is ergonomically designed that ensures a solid grip. It is also clean and easy to sterilize.

Combo Kit

The package includes 4 combo set sizes, with 5 gear modes and a knife angle between 0.8-2 mm. It also has a cleaning brush, charger holder for combo set, and oil for the device. Your comfort is our top priority.


This tool spares you the trouble of going to a salon every time, while providing the same results – it saves time and effort. Moreover, you don’t have to shell out cash like you would have to, if you got your beard trimmed or hair cut by a professional. To top it all, it takes just a few minutes to get the desired look.

Go ahead and place your order without further delay! There is nothing better than grooming from the privacy of your home.


  • Multiple Modes – The device has 5 different gear modes, along with an indication monitor that displays the operating mode. Use the buttons to tweak the modes accordingly if you wish to use it at a faster speed, or in case you feel it is going too slow.
  • Precision Trimming – Whether you use it as a beard trimmer or hair clipper, the powerful engine guarantees neat and strong operation to guarantee no irregular strands of hair remain and beard trimming is nice and smooth. It is as good as getting it done professionally!
  • Easy Recharge – Using the charging chamber, this haircut trimmer can be charged even when you are busy, so by the time you are done with work, exercising or running errands, the device is ready to be used. It has a rechargeable battery for comfortable wireless usage.
  • Sharp Knife – The knife angle is between 0.8-2 mm, while the white ceramic blade keeps it razor-sharp. Being ergonomically designed, it is easy to hold without the risk of slipping, so there are no chances of injuries. It is absolutely safe to use.
  • Maintenance – You don’t have to pore over complex instructions in order to maintain this gadget. The hair trimmer is convenient to clean and sterilize using a cleaning brush and oil, which is provided as part of the package.