Put your best foot forward with Pedi-Q electric foot file.

by Yafit Atiya on July 23, 2017

Put your best foot forward with Pedi-Q electric callus remover - say goodbye to dry and cracked heel and give your feet a pedicure at home with this high-quality electronic pedicure tool.

  • Get a professional spa treatment at home – the electronically operated callus remover takes a few minutes to remove callus and dead skin. With it, your feet would become soft and smooth. Make your feet feel luxurious with a spa treatment at home.
  • Remove callus safely – ergonomic design and high-quality roller make callus remover safe for your feet. Unlike foot file or razor blades the rollers do not damage the skin. Your feet get callus free without injuring or abrading them.
  • Waterproof shaver for easy use – the waterproof shaver is easy to use and maintain. You can use it while keeping your feet in water without harming the shaver.
  • Innovative design – the new generation electronic callus remover gives best results. It gently and effectively removes callus and gives you soft and smooth feet.
  • Durable and long lasting – made from premium quality material and with extra 2 rollers you can use the shaver for months whenever you want to give your feet a spa treatment.

You don’t have to hide your feet now. With Pedi-Q callus remover you can remove callus from your feet and make them look beautiful. The electronic shaver gives best results within a few seconds. You can use it whenever you like. The innovative design and high-quality rollers make it easy to use. The shaver is designed for modern women who do not have time to visits salons. They can do a pedicure at home with this superb shaver.

With the guarantee from FujicomCare, the shaver gives value for your money. It comes with extra 1 rollers so that you can use it for months. Be it stilettos peep-toes, strut around in style now.